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Electrical Reticulation, Metering and Vending
Understanding the dynamics of the country and the importance of empowering all the people by proving electricity, our company has positioned itself adequately to provide specific electrification and reticulation services such as the following:
  • Erection of poles (steel mono types – concrete and wooden poles) for overhead lines
  • Stringing of lines
  • Demolishment of redundant overhead lines and associated infrastructure
  • Installation of pole mounted switchgear and other equipment
  • Underground cable works
  • Miniature substations and ring main unit installations
  • Consumer distribution units installation
  • Overhead and underground service connections
  • Street lighting
  • Demolishment of redundant underground networks
  • Testing and Commissioning

Electrical metering and vending

Our experience with most types of electrical metering systems, including our ability to align with preferred  metering and vender service providers, ensures that we are ideally placed to provide this often neglected, yet crucially important service to clients such as Supply Authorities, Body Corporates, Property Investors, Landlords and Letting Agents.

With this service we guarantee clients a legally complaint meter installation, whilst justifying their investments by ensuring their returns. Our specific capabilities on metering installations are:

  • Credit and pre-paid (three or single phase) meter installations
  • Energy (check) and tariff (billing) type metering systems
  • Compliancy with SANS 474 (NRS 057) and other regulatory standards where applicable
  • Compliancy with relevant supply authority by-laws and standards
  • Partnering with licensees preferred metering service providers (MSPs) where needed
  • Automated meter reading (AMR) and other telemetry based meter reading installations
  • Commissioning reports
Electrical Grid

Definition: The electrical grid is the electrical power system network comprised of the generating plant, the transmission lines, the substation, transformers, the distribution lines and the consumer.  Traditionally, electricity generation facilities have been developed in locations far from consumption centres with the electric grid connecting the two.

Electrical reticulation projects need very careful planning in order to prevent damage to underground municipal services like water, Eskom cables, telkom cables or any underground service. Our reticulation services provide a through study and pre-project planning to determine any underground blue print from all major service providers to ensure reticulation will have no hiccups and delays.

We understand electrical reticulation system is a complex process and requires many technical expertise to complete any reticulation project. We offer reticulation planning and design services for electrical distribution networks between 240 and 18,000 volts which include both overhead and underground cabling.

We also provide reticulation consultation on design and distribution for Substations, Pole Transformer Substations, indoor and outdoor ground transformer substations.

Electrical Reticulation and Distribution.

RSA Bardo Electrical Systems, offers reticulation services for Residential, Rural Residential, Commercial and Industrial electrical grid integration, from household connectivity to large power user and multi stage housing developments. 

Our services for electrical reticulation go beyond the trenches and digging business, our involvement with community plays and integral role, to make way for such development with community approvals ensuring timely project deliverables.


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