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Switch Boards

All our products are tested with the South African Bureau of Standards and NEFTA. Our STA have been certified for 2500 amp for up to 50 kA per sec. We also do totally tested assemblies (TTA) for up to 100 kA.

  • Main electrical distribution boards, floor standing or wall mount configuration.
  • Sub-distribution boards, in surface, flush or semi-flush configuration.
  • Distribution boards and panels for outdoor application.
  • Motor control centers.
  • Control panels, control consoles or operator control desks.
  • Automatic power factor correction panels
  • Mimic panels
  • Annunciation and PLC panels
  • Distribution pillars (stubbies) and metering kiosks.
  • Bus bar systems.
  • Specialized ducting, other sheet metal applications.
  • Light engineering products.
  • Containerized Substations
  • Generator Control Panels.

Industries and Market Sectors 

The B&S Group operates across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. These include:

  • Data Centres
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Food and Beverages
  • Manufacturing and Process Control
  • Metalwork and Plastics
  • Quarry and Mining
  • Security
  • Transportation Infrastructure

Please let us know if you would like more information and detail of projects within a specific application and industry. Please contact us.


RSA Electrical Contractors - Switch Boards
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