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Lamp Replacement and Maintenance

In warehouses and factories replacement of lamps is usually quite difficult as the light fittings tend to be mounted very high up. These light fittings could be High Bay light fittings that take a Mercury Vapor or LED lamp.

At RSA Bardo Electrical Systems, we ustilise an Electrical Scissors Lift, which can hold two men and go up to 12meters high.

We always give the owner / foreman an option either to replace only the existing lamp, or the control gear; or to quote to replace the unit with an LED fitting. We will also give a cost savings report, showing how much energy will be saved, and money would be saved.

The Electrical Scissor Lift we use is Quiet, clean & versatile, Electric Scissor Lifts are ideal for indoor and slab work applications. Coates Hires Electric Scissor Lifts are used in construction, maintenance, distribution and the events industry.


Facilities Maintenance Shopping centres and other indoor/outdoor areas Manufacturing and warehouse applications and stock-takes Telecommunication facilities and Entertainment facilities.

Example of some of the Lamps we install:

Does your building have fluorescent lights in it? Business operators in Cape Town can count on RSA Bardo Electrical Systems to take care of their ballast and lamp replacement. In case you did not know, fluorescent lights operate differently than regular lights. When fluorescent lights burn out they need to have their ballasts replaces. The best way to have this take done is by hiring an experienced electrician.

Are your ballasts in need of replacing? Ballasts get very hot when they are not working at 100% Contact RSA Bardo Electrical Systems today.

How do Fluorescent Lights Operate?

Have you ever wondered how fluorescent lights operate? There are various long tubes that have gas inside of them that light up when electricity flows through.

In order to regulate the amount of electrical current that is flowing through these tubes there has to be a device called a ballast attached. The ballast acts as a resistor to help prevent the fluorescent tube from having too much electricity in it. Most ballasts can last up to 100,000 hours, making them very reliable light sources. However if the fluorescent lights in your office are flickering and looking burnt out they may need to be replaced.

There are energy efficient fluorescent tubes and then the most effective energy LED Tube.
The old thick tubes, ie the 38Watt T8 tube can be replaced with a T5 fluorescent tube

Most people don't know what wattage LED Lights will replace their current lighting options they have in their home and business.

The below tables are designed to help you with that dilemma. It shows you exactly what LED Lights you should get to replace your current light fittings.

LED Tubes

Fluorescent Equivalent

Energy Savings

600mm (2 Foot) LED Tube - 8 Watts

600mm 18W Fluorescent Tube

900mm (3 Foot) LED Tube - 14 Watts

900mm 24W Fluorescent Tube 58%

1200mm (4 Foot) LED Tube - 18 Watts

1200mm 36W Fluorescent Tube


1500mm (5 Foot) LED Tube - 22 Watts 1500mm 58W Fluorescent Tube 65%

LED Flood Lights Conventional Flood Light Energy Savings
10Watt LED Flood Light 100Watt Halogen 90%
20Watt LED Flood Light 150Watt Halogen 86%
30Watt LED Flood Light 250Watt Halogen 88%
50Watt LED Flood Light 350Watt Halogen 85%
100Watt LED Flood Light 500Watt Halogen 80%

Down Load Excel Spreadsheet : Return of Investment (LED Replacement / Incandescent Lamps)

Return of Investment : LED

Lighting - LED
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