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Electrical Inspection and Repairs

NOTE: In South Africa, it is a statutory requirement that every user or lessor of an electrical installation shall have a valid Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for every such installation. A CoC will only be valid when it is accompanied by a test report.

The Electrical Design:
The test report provides for the designer of the electrical installation to verify that the design complies with the requirements of this part of SANS 10142. NOTE See SANS 10142-2 where part of an electrical installation is above 1 000 V.
(RSA Bardo Electrical Systems (Pty) Ltd can design, and install and test up to 1000Vac)

Material specification/procurement:
Test report provides for the specifier/procurer to verify that the equipment specified/procured is in compliance with the
requirements of SANS 10142.This means all the electrical material that is purchased must comply with SANS 10142. It is the duty of the person whom purchases the electrical material to make sure it is SABS approved or the supplier can provide a valid RCC. Many company's that import, for example, Circuit Breakers, and then sell to Electrical Wholesalers, will have their Regulatory Compliance Certificates on their websites. Remembering that RCC's are only valid for a few years and then need to be renewed through the National Regulatory for Compulsory Specifications.

The NRCS’s mandate includes promoting public health and safety, environmental protection and ensuring fair trade. This mandate is achieved through the development and administration of technical regulations and compulsory specifications as well as through market surveillance to ensure compliance with the requirements of the compulsory specifications and technical regulations. NRCS stakeholders include the South African Government, industry and the citizens.

Visit : for more information.

The test report provides for the installer of the electrical installation to verify that the installation was constructed in accordance with the requirements of this part of SANS 10142.

These three statements are part of the Compliance Certificate which must be filled in and signed. Therefore all Electrical Design, Material Procurement and Electrical Construction must conform to SANS 10142

RSA Bardo Electrical Systems (Pty) Ltd undertakes Electrical Inspections with a mandate to produce a Certificate of Compliance for the electrical installation. A Certificate is a legal document, and cannot be issued if a test, and inspection has been done on the entire installation.

If faults / non compliant installations or non compliant material has been used; we will indicate this on our report; plus will issue a quotation to repair and bring the installation up to SANS 10142 Standards.

In Summary:
A call out fee of R460 will be charged (within Cape Town) to investigate the installation which requires a Certificate of Compliance. If all is deemed corrected, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

If items are deemed non compliant, these will be detailed on the report, and subsequently a quote will be issued to the customer.

For further information, please email or call: 071 533 6466

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Electrical Inspection : Certificates of Compliance
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