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Certificate of Compliance - CoC's - Compliant to SANS 10142

Selling your house? You’re going to need a Certificates of Compliance before you do - and it’s just as well to get them done before you even put your property on the market.

It’s compulsory to be in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC) when selling your home.

This is a provision of the Electrical Installation Regulations which came into effect in 2009 under the Occupational Health And Safety Act (No. 85 of 1993).

Although the CoC is valid for a period of two years, it’s only necessary to have the house inspected when it’s to be sold: you don’t need to have it done as long as you plan to remain in possession of the property.

The document verifies that the electrical work and installations that have been completed on the property are up to standard in accordance with the regulations as required by the South African National Standards.

While the certificate covers distribution boards, wiring, earthing and bonding of all metal components (include antennae and satellite dishes), as well as wall sockets, light switches and the isolators of fixed appliances, it doesn’t cover the fixed appliances themselves (geysers, stoves, motors, fans, under-floor heating.

Please note that Commercial and Industrial require valid Certificates of Compliance.

All new, altered, and temporary electrical installations must have a Certificate of Compliance which includes a Test Report.

All work undertaken and the Test Report must conform to SANS-10142.

SANS 10142-1 is also known as the Wiring Code.

SANS 10142-1 covers the following:

a) Circuits supplied at nominal voltages up to and including 1000Vac or 1500Vdc. The standard frequency for alternating current is 50Hz.

b) Circuits, other than the internal wiring of apparatus, that operate at voltages exceeding 1000Vac and are derived from an installation that has a voltage not exceeding 1000Vac.

c) Any wiring systems and cables not specifically covered by the standards for appliances.

d) All consumer installations external to buildings.

e) Fixed wiring in the power supply circuits for telecommunication equipment

The wiring of premises:

1.1 SANS 10142 applies to electrical installations of:

a) Residential Premises
b) Commercial Premises
c) Public Premises
d) Industrial Premises
e) Prefabricated Buildings
f) Fixed surface installations on mining properties
g) Construction and demolition site installations
h) Agricultural and horticultural premises
i) Caravan sites and similar sites
j) Marinas, pleasure craft and house boats
k) Medical locations (Master Electrician)
l) Exhibitions, fairs and other temporary installations
m) extra low voltage lighting installations
n) electrical installations for street lighting and street furniture
o) Equipment enclosures (structures that provide physical and environmental protection for telecommunication equipment).

Where SANS 10142 is not applicable

a) Electric traction equipment
b) Automotive electrical equipment (excluding the caravan part of a roving vehicle)
c) Electrical installations on board ships
d) Electrical installation in aircraft
e) Electrical installations for underground and open cast mining operations
f) Telecommunication, television and radio circuits (excluding the power supply to such equipment
g) Lighting protection of buildings and structures
NOTE: The installation of surge protection is NOT compulsory.
h) Extra low voltage control circuits between parts of machinery or system components, forming a unit, that are separately installed and derived from an independent source or an isolating transformer (excluding ELV lighting circuits).

Certificate of Compliance, Electrical CoC, SANS 10142

Certificate of Compliance Test Instruments

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